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Where does Akira Beauty get its products?

Akira Beauty sources products from all over the world. Our team of buyers — located in Paris, Rome, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore — have been discovering the best of international beauty for more than ten years. We hope you’ll use our site to replenish your iconic beauty favorites as well as find a new go-to product you’ll soon be unable to live without.

How does Akira Beauty establish its pricing?

Akira is able to provide luxury products at attainable price points because we continually evolve our rates based on the marketplace. Unlike other major beauty purveyors, our markups are slim and designed to cover only our operations. Our goal is to consistently offer the world’s most premium brands for the best value — without compromising top-notch quality.

How is Akira Beauty able to provide a better price than other retailers?

Akira’s team has spent more than 30 years establishing a network of supply chain relationships with original beauty manufacturers, authorized distributors and high-end department stores across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Not only do we leverage these connections to obtain lower wholesale costs, but we also carefully watch our own margins. We reduce our costs by staying true to our quality standards and simplistic with our resources — eliminating "free" product samples, gift wrapping, and elaborate advertising — so we can offer luxury prestige products at affordable prices, 24/7, without compromising the quality.

How do you ensure your products are fresh and genuine?

Akira Beauty incorporates the Japanese value for meticulous quality control into all that we do. We store all of our products in a temperature controlled warehouse and test them — both by hand and with an internationally acclaimed Quality Management System — to ensure that each and every package is genuine and fresh. Every product that goes through our doors meets the industry’s top standards and is also personally assessed and approved by our team before being shared with you. Find out more here.

How comes Akira’s packaging sometimes looks different than what’s sold in retail stores?

Part of Akira Beauty’s business model is leveraging our international network to offer luxury products at a lower price point. Sometimes, this means you’ll see packaging that’s different from what’s on the shelf in American stores. Because we get all of our goods directly from the original manufacturer or distributor, Akira packaging will occasionally vary depending on the market it came from. These variations never include the product itself — you can feel confident that your purchase is of the same quality and authenticity you’re accustomed to.

Can I get samples?

Because we keep our focus on the essentials, we only offer samples when they are available.

How do I get a product that isn’t listed or one that is sold out?

If you’re interested in a product that isn’t listed, please let us know on our contact page. We’re happy to ask our team of international buyers to look into finding it for Akira. If an item you’re looking for is sold out, please use the “notify me when available” function on the product page and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s back in stock.

How do I know which product would suit me best?

We organize our beauty offerings by category as well as concern/need to make it easy to find something that works for you. Akira Beauty is also a great place to shop once you’ve already found a product you want to return to time and time again.

Will I get a better product or shopping experience at Akira Beauty compared to other websites?

Naturally, every beauty site is different. Akira is here to provide something we believe is much needed: a seamless shopping experience offering luxury product at a price point that makes sense for everyone. If that appeals to you, we’re confident you’ll enjoy shopping — and exploring beauty — with us.

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