Love the world of beauty? Want to be a part of a community that spans the globe? We’re always looking for team players to join our ever-growing international family. Akira has a special approach to working together: we mix work with play and try to infuse our day-to-day with the same whimsical color that is inherent to our industry. If this feels like a journey you’d like to be a part of, we’d love for you to join us.

Akira Beauty’s Values

What is it like to work with Akira?

 We play to your strong suits. Everyone has their own unique strengths and passions. Because individual growth is essential, Akira Beauty wants each one of its team members to be in a position where you will thrive and shine. We practice open communication and foster a mutually supportive environment that cultivates constructive feedback and new ideas. Your success is our success!

We want you to make a difference. At Akira, we’re looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about directly impacting their team and our customers. If you’re interested in truly making a difference to both your colleagues and the larger beauty community, then Akira is the place for you. We’re committed to helping you make an impact.

We dream big. Akira Beauty’s core focus is offering premium international brands at prices that make sense, without compromising quality. Because we believe our customers deserve more, we found a way to bring this to life. We apply this same “shoot for the moon” attitude to our internal work culture: we strive to create a team that is filled with top industry talent. We value work-life balance. And we’re dedicated to doing great things. Together, we can create a work environment that is as inspiring as it is productive.

We prioritize authenticity. At Akira, we ensure every product that goes through our doors is of the utmost quality and efficacy. We apply this same mindset and attitude to our internal team; when you are your most genuine self, that’s most valuable to us! We’ll always value honesty and integrity above all else.

If you’re interested in the tenets we’ve laid out above and would like to find out more, we’ve listed current job openings below. Tell us why you’re interested at We can’t wait to hear from you.

Job Openings: 

Title: Content & Rewards Marketing Manager

  • Job Description/Responsibilities

    • Oversee content development and strategies for Akira Beauty website and the Passport Rewards program. Develop promotions, site campaigns, performance analysis, and managing Rewards community communications across website, mobile, SEO, email, digital ads, affiliate, and social media. Increase overall brand awareness, Passport Rewards program engagement, driving lead generation and retention goals.


    • Own, maintain, and manage Akira Beauty online content strategies, planning, development, implementation, tracking, and measurement. 
    • Create site pages, upload and update site content, product information, and site creative assets to ensure content accuracy. Oversee that content is optimized on both web and mobile with quality control assessment by weekly deadline(s). 
    • Partner with Copywriter, Designer, and Merchandiser to produce messaging and creative content that aligns with the Akira Beauty brand concept and speaks to the target audience(s). 
    • Develop and manage content, promotion, enhancement projects and collaborate with IT and designers to accomplish the tasks/projects. Ensure content is delivered with quality control assessment and by weekly deadlines. Optimize and leverage content to increase engagement and conversion. 
    • Implement content strategies through copy, category naming, CTA, and relevant marketing touch points to increase customer engagement and conversion. 
    • Research, measure, and optimize content with new technical features, utilize UI/UX that engages customers and cater to their needs. 
    • Collaborate with the Copywriter and Campaign Manager to ensure content is developed according to the brand voice. 


    Rewards Program

    • Manage and grow the Akira Beauty Passport Rewards program using the app. Set strategies, plans and rewards related initiatives to accomplish the Rewards retention objectives.
    • Develop and grow the Passport Rewards program member list by creating a roadmap and promotional plans that incorporates campaign, promotion for site, mobile, email, digital ads, and social media.
    • Create reports to analyze, measure, and optimize the Passport Rewards program on an ongoing basis. 
    • Upgrade the Rewards program to improve benefits for Rewards members.



    • Collaborate with Campaign Manager, Copywriter, and Designer to develop strategies, content categories, creative assets, and social media posts to build and grow the Passport Rewards community online presence and brand awareness.
    • Execute weekly Passport Rewards social posts (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and ensure correct publishing time(s).
    • Response to all relevant Passport Rewards customer and community user inquiries.



    • Collaborate with Creative Designers, Marketing, and IT teams to implement the content-relevant projects. 
    • Work with IT to QA on any content or on-site content updates.
    • Collaborate with Copywriter, Designer, and Campaign Manager to implement A/B testing for email marketing using Mailchimp segmentation. 

Akira Beauty is an international luxury beauty retailer with our digital team based in San Francisco, California. Our company flourished from leveraging 30 years of experience as an established international trading company in the beauty industry along with the development of our global buying teams that were developed nearly 16 years ago. Today, we work with our global buyers — based in Paris, Rome, London, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, and Taipei — to bring you the most coveted luxury products and brands at the most competitive prices that average 10 - 40% less than retail.


How do we offer such affordable prices for the world’s top beauty collections? We carefully watch our margins, while eliminating expensive advertising, gift wrapping, “free” gifts, and “free” samples. By staying simplistic with our business model, we can consistently offer our U.S. customers over 2,000 iconic beauty products in skincare, haircare, makeup, bath, body, and beyond at affordable prices while ensuring the product quality.


Founded with strong passion for luxury beauty, the Akira Beauty mission is to transform your daily self-care routine by bringing international luxuries right to your doorstep at amazing price points, without ever compromising the quality or authenticity.


Our team members come with a diverse background in beauty, fashion, retail, and technology. We’re proud to have a team that thrives off the values of intelligence, integrity, mutual support, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, and customer-focused decision making. 


Excited about our concept? Joining our team is the ultimate opportunity to make a difference in creating a new beauty journey for the U.S. market, while also enjoying the following benefits and perks:

  • Vacation and sick day leave
  • Full medical insurance
  • Office treats and snacks
  • Team recognition sessions
  • ...and more in the works!